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Truck Painting


The truck painting was created using the personal interest of a client with autism. This specific client would only engage in therapy if trucks were involved. NOLA Art Therapy and Counseling, LLC will incorporate client interests into sessions so clients are able to have their needs met during the therapeutic process. Learn More »

Mood Watercolor

Watercolor Breathing Exercises

Watercolor breathing exercises are a way to bring the client to the here and now, make them aware of their own body, and focuses on relaxation. For each exercise, the therapist will direct the client to create a specific type of brush stroke while the client focuses on each breath they make. After all the exercises are complete and the client is in a calm and relaxed state, the client creates a free drawing that reflects how they feel in the here and now. Learn More »

Group Manadala


The word mandala means circle and whole in Sanskrit. The mandala can be used in groups as well as in individual sessions. Mandalas allow clients to gain focus through a calming experience where they express and explore their feelings. When used in a group setting, the mandala is used to work on team work and group dynamics. Learn More »

Ceramic 16


Elizabeth Beu Bourgeois is passionate about art therapy and creating her own art as her personal form of therapy. Learn More »

paint colored pencils charcoal play-doh markers